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We are specialized in additives, pigments and technical resins. We have been working with the major European & international certified suppliers. Our asset: being able to study and develop formulas in cooperation with our principals.

Alterkem has been present for many years in the world of paints. We have built strategic and quality partnerships with our suppliers, allowing us to offer resins, pigments and all types of additives that meet the latest market innovations. These product lines are suitable for decorative paint, industrial paint and varnish; and are suitable for water-based and solvent-based paints, interior or exterior.


Faced with environmental and performance challenges, Alterkem provides technical solutions to meet customer needs and their development of formulas by offering a range of products: resins, pigments, additives, etc. These technologies can be used, among other things, in mortars, joints, coatings…


Alterkem brings knowledge of the ink market with high-performance product ranges for various applications: flexographic, offset, UV, screen printing, inkjet… and technical expertise allowing us to offer our customers the answers that meet their expectations.


Modern industry uses plastics with increasingly high performance in terms of feasibility, quality and durability. Alterkem is aimed at industrial players: compounding, masterbatch, intermediaries linked to the shaping of plastic material (extrusion, injection, pultrusion, SMC/BMC, etc.) by offering pigments, dyes and additives in accordance with developments regulations. Some products are particularly suitable for food contact, toys or electronic devices.

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The range of products we supply are chemistry ingredients for manufacturers of all types of formulated products, in the key sectors described, but also in other industrial spheres.

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