ALTERKEM is one of the leading suppliers to the paint and varnish industry in the chemical sector. Paints and varnishes are used in the manufacturing and construction industries, the metal products industry, painters and varnishers, coatings in wood industries, etc.
Our extensive range of products for the paint industry includes pigments, resins and additives.
We supply products with the best quality in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and we actively work to improve the quality and durability of all our products together with our principals.


In Kadion we have pigments, resins and additives for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).


Paint or varnishes generally used in automotive, for finishing. Kadion offers from resins to waxes and UV/HALS filters.


Also known as plastic paint, for interior or exterior. Generally used to paint walls.


We have paint ranges that are used to coat metal, tractors, pipes or any object that is susceptible to corrosion or weathering.


Coatings that give wood a better appearance and increase its resistance to humidity/weathering. In Alterkem we have pigments, colorants, resins and additives for the manufacture of varnishes/coatings for this type of material.

Can & Coil

Coatings with plastic properties and good adhesion to metal. We have adhesion promoters, resins, pigments and additives to increase the corrosion resistance of the coated metal.
Our products are characterized by passing strict safety controls to guarantee their quality, in addition to having all the necessary certifications.
In COATINGS we have a wide range of products, and we work closely with manufacturers and customers, looking for products that meet the needs of each project.

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