Printing Inks

Printing Inks

Printing inks are a dispersion of dye pigments in a liquid medium of variable viscosity called binder, better known as varnish. The structure and composition of the printing ink is conditioned by several elements.

At ALTERKEM, we work with the main suppliers in the sector to offer the right solution for all the customer’s requirements and needs, depending on the use and printing system:


Used in services requiring the circulation of fluids with a high percentage of particles in suspension. Available in water base, solvent base, and monomeric base.


Composed of pigments (natural or synthetic), mineral and vegetable oils, resins, and additives. They will define and mark the final quality of the print.


Plastisol inks, similar to a pasty plastic, easy to use. To dry they must be exposed to high temperatures..


Inks drying through ultraviolet light, composed of special resins, derived from high viscosity acrylics that react when exposed to these radiations. In Kadion we have high transparency pigments, dispersants, and photo initiators

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Non-greasy and drying inks. They work by direct printing.


For inkjet printing. There are several types: sublimation inks, aqueous, solvent, solid, etc., requires especially fine dispersants, low molecular weight, as well as special pigments for this purpose.
Our products are characterized by passing strict safety controls to guarantee their quality, in addition to having all the necessary certifications.

In ALTERKEM we have a wide range of products, and we work closely with manufacturers and
customers, looking for products that meet the needs of each project.

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