In KADION we are specialists in the distribution of all types of pigments, dyes and the main raw materials used in the production of materials for the treatment and coloring in the textile and leather industry.
Thanks to all our experience and knowledge of the sector, we work actively to find the best solutions to the needs of our customers.


They are responsible for acting on the dye, allowing it to be in the bath. They are recommended for high molecular weight dyes or for non-soluble dyes that are in a dispersed state in the dye bath.


It is a substance that selectively absorbs some or all of the light radiation in the visible part of the spectrum, they have auxochrome groups that give them an affinity with the fiber. In our product portfolio, we have dyes that are used in textiles, wood and paper.


Products that allow or facilitate the formation of an emulsion. In the textile industry, it is generally used for the preparation of sizing agents, finishing and/or preparation agents, winding oils, etc. to obtain special effects. It is also used as a degreasing aid in textile washing processes.


We have pigments available in paste or powder form for textile printing. Pigments are chemical components not soluble in water, which are homogeneously dispersed in a binding medium that gives the color to the textile material after its application.
Our products are characterized by passing strict safety controls to guarantee their quality, in addition to having all the necessary certifications.

In ALTERKEM we have a wide range of products, and we work closely with manufacturers and
customers, looking for products that meet the needs of each project.

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