New Website for Waxoline

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New Website for Waxoline

Solvent Dyes - WAXOLINE®

New website for WAXOLINE®

Last January we launched the new website of WAXOLINE®, Kadion’s registered trademark for soluble colorants for coloring plastics with high heat fastness. It provides brilliant colors in transparent polymers. Mainly for amorphous thermoplastics such as PS, PC, PMMA and PET.

WAXOLINE™ colorants also provide extraordinary savings in the coloring of plastics. Used alone, they provide brilliant colors with total clarity in transparent plastics. When used in combination with opaque plastics and titanium oxide, they produce attractive pastel shades.

They can also be used in combination with pigment colors, either as shading components or as main ingredients in a mixture, in order to give combinations of intensity and translucency that often cannot be obtained with the insoluble pigment alone.

One of the important characteristics of WAXOLINE™ colorants is that they dissolve completely in the molten polymer and are retained by the solid plastic, with no blooming or bleeding of the recommended polymers being observed under normal conditions.

Main advantages of the Waxoline range of colorants:

  • Provides brilliant colors in transparent polymers.
  • Soluble in plastic.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Soluble in hot melt polymers.
  • Disperses and dissolves quickly,
  • Maximum color.

Do you want to know our product range? Visit the new website and download our catalog

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