Nouryon's technical training - Alterkem

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Nouryon's technical training - Alterkem

Bermocoll thickeners range

In December, we had the pleasure of attending Nouryon’s technical training at their reference plant in Stenungsund (Sweden) where we were able to conduct first-hand laboratory experiments with the R&D project team on their Bermocoll thickeners range.


Bermocoll® EHEC (ethylhydroxyethylcellulose) and MEHEC (methylhydroxyethylcellulose) are non-ionic cellulose ethers, manufactured using a unique solvent-free process that guarantees a low carbon footprint and a cellulose additive with carefully calculated performance.

Nouryon is the only producer in the world of EHEC and MEHEC. These are manufactured from cellulose from wood or cotton fibers, by alkalization, ethoxylation and reaction with ethyl and methyl chloride.

In Bermocoll® EHEC, the hydroxyl groups of cellulose are modified by ethyl and hydroxyethyl substituents. The properties of cellulose ethers are determined by the type of substituents, but also by their number and their distribution along the chain of the molecule.

Bermocoll® MEHEC is a methyl ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose. The number of methyl groups corresponds exactly to those found on commercially available MHPC or MHEC grades. In addition, ethyl and hydroxyethyl substitutions are carried out in small quantities on the molecule.

Chemical modification results in a significant change in their characteristics, including solubility, surface tension, chemical resistance, and enzyme resistance. In this way, it is possible to produce sets of cellulose ethers with very precisely programmed performance characteristics.

EHECs and MEHECs can also be reacted with longer chain hydrophobic chains, thus producing hydrophobically modified cellulose, HM-(M)EHEC, with associative thickening properties.

Bermocoll® products are used as rheology modifiers in a wide variety of industrial applications to improve the performance of paints.

Bermocoll® product porfolio

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