New restrictions on PUs

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New restrictions on PUs

¿Did you know that there is a new restriction on PUs that applies from August 24, 2023?

Under the new restriction, suppliers of diisocyanates must ensure that the recipient receives documentation and training courses in the official language of the Member State where the substance or mixture is supplied. Training shall take into account the specificity of the products supplied, including composition, packaging and design.

CoolMag silicone resin

Suppliers embrace silicone chemistry

Most of the time, preheating is required and the temperature rises during the curing process (exothermic reaction). This is why, in power electronics applications, suppliers are switching from PU/Epoxi resins to silicone chemistry. 

CoolMag silicone resin is ideally suited to portray on power electronic devices, battery packs and DC/DC inverters and converters.

CoolMag Plast

Is a standard pellet moldable designed for automotive power electronics, particularly in electrified vehicles.

All CoolMag thermally conductive solutions:

  • Heat transfer
  •  Electrical insulation
  • Protection against flame and fire
  • Mechanical protection

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