Thermal conductive resin – Coolmag™

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Thermal conductive resin – Coolmag™

Thermal conductive resin – Coolmag™

What are the benefits of using a thermal resin as a solution to overheating?

Our company COOLMAG THERMO CONDUCTIVE, S.L. has anticipated the future, nowadays electronic designs for different applications are getting smaller and smaller but at the same time more powerful, which means higher temperatures.

Coolmag ™ was designed by our team of dedicated engineers as a thermally conductive filler compound to protect and prevent damage to high power electronic components when heat is not efficiently diverted.

Do you know why Coolmag ™ is the smart choice?

With Coolmag ™, not only will you get significant heat dissipation in high power electronics, but it also offers the best cost benefit ratio, Coolmag ™ is an ideal system to protect against failures caused by overheating.

Coolmag ™ is a two component product that cures at room temperature, its low viscosity will facilitate the encapsulation process, it is durable, it does not depolymerize when heated in confined spaces, it also performs low shrinkage and stress on the components as it cures.

In addition to reducing hot spots and minimizing the average temperature of the systems, other benefits you will get are excellent thermal shock, electrical insulation, mechanical protection, waterproofing and aging resistance, flame and fire protection.

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